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We are passionate about creating unique experiences, designed for spirited travellers. We will take you to otherwise impossible places and open new doors for you.

Let us know what you enjoy doing, what are the adventures and experiences you would like to live through, and we will take it from there – from pick up at the airport, via accommodation, to organizing highest quality experiences and creating most amazing travel adventure you could have ever imagined.

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Every Experience is unique and fully adjusted based on your preferences, budget and physical condition.

If you are looking for unusual experiences, you are in the right space! 

Let us know what kind of adventure interests you, what you enjoy doing, what are your interests and passions, and we will piece together an unique itinerary specially for you. 

We arrange all kind of Experiences, including 4×4 multi-day excursions, zip-line, canopy tours, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, baloon flights, adventure hiking, climbing, sailing, diving, hunting, game drive safari in the most remote corners of Southern Africa and much more.  

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