We are Supporting Social Impact Activities in the Cape Peninsula

It is our honour and privilege to actively cooperate with the Non-Profit Organisations in our closest neighbourhood in the Cape Peninsula.

Redhill Literacy & Feeding Project

Redhill Literacy & Feeding Project was formed to help the children of Redhill to improve their levels of literacy. Since then the project has extended its help to the adults in Redhill, again to help improve their levels of education. We started a feeding initiative in 2014 as we realised that trying to teach children when they are hungry and undernourished is difficult. In 2014, Buyiswa Ponti, the founder of Redhill Literacy and Food Project, won South African Leadership Award for this initiative.

Today they teach and feed about 300 kids, 5 days a week. Every year we aim to fundraise for a Christmas Party for the children. 

Redhill is classed as an informal settlement. It is a very deprived and poor community. The nature of an informal settlement is it’s a temporary area, no brick houses and no tarmac roads. It grows incrementally every year. Because of it’s remote location, it’s very hard for the people to get to work and home and for the children to get to school and home, as they rely on 1-2 taxis and buses a day. 

Experience Traditional Africa with Evi – Airbnb Experience

Evi has been hosting guests and giving authentic experiences for many organisations, such as Remote Year and Wild Corner Travel. She has created a lovely little home for her 4 children and loves bringing guests home. 

In her community – Redhill, Evi represents the Non-Profit Organisation Redhill Literacy and Feeding Project, which believes that education of the youth in the community is the only way to tackle the social issues around us, but at the same time that a child cannot learn on an empty stomach.

We have helped Evi to put this Airbnb Experience together to help uplift her and her family, as well as entire community through inspiration to action, support and growing awareness about their daily challenges. Book now by choosing the date below.

Soetwater Environmental Education Centre

Another Non-Profit Organisation, the Soetwater Environmental Education Centre is a very special classroom – outdoors, by the sea, at the foot of a beautiful mountain, surrounded by pristine fynbos and animals, and right next to a working lighthouse. The teachers of SEEC teach kids about the environment – plants, animals, the oceans, the air, share the concerns about how we humans have a way of distorting the natural balance, and teach how we can help nature to thrive by fixing what we have broken. Support the organisation by referring to this website: soetwater.org/support

The Kelpshack – Kelp Dining Experience

Within the premises of Soetwater Environmental Education Centre a very special initiative has found it’s base – The Kelpshack. The Kelpshack, run by a phenomenal chef Phil Mansergh offers an unique opportunity to learn about foraging kelp from the African Kelp Forests as well as cooking absolutely outstanding meals with it. Phil’s work promotes Kelp as sustainable and nutritious food source. 

3-4 Course Meal with introduction into Sea Foraging and an educational coastal walk included. Pre bookings only – call Phil 0681622106; Email phil.mansergh@gmail.com; Website: www.kelpshack.co.za

Scarborough Environmental Group

Scarborough Environmental Group is an active group of residents in the village of Scarborough, seeking to create awareness about our unique environment, neighbouring the Table Mountain National Park and finding ways to reduce our environmental impact. Numerous workshops inspiring local communities to look after their surroundings and teaching to be part of “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein). 

We welcome any dedicated residents, visitors, nature lovers to join and help secure Scarborough as a piece of unspoilt paradise. 

Salty Hour

Salty Hour is an hour of free surfing at specific beaches. The benefit of surfing during this hour is that you will receive some cool tips on how to improve your surfing from experienced surfers. The youngest Salty has been 3 years old and our eldest Salty 76 years old. Age, race and social class are not a barrier. Anyone can join. 

Many people won’t experience the feeling of riding a wave in their lifetime. For many reasons, some obvious and some not so obvious. Fear of the unknown, fear of the ocean, poverty, no accessibility to equipment, confidence issues… At Salty Hour we break down some of those barriers by creating an environment to educate beginner surfers about the ocean, create comfort by guiding them in the water, building confidence in the water and providing the equipment required to ride that very first wave.