Sekretne oświadczyny
w Afrykańskiej Dziczy

Odwiedź najpiękniejsze sekretne zakątki Afryki Południowej i zamień Twój wyjątkowy dzień oświadczyn w magiczne doświadczenie natury. Nasi specjaliści pomogą Ci dobrać najlepsze miejsca i w pełni zaplanować ten Idealny Moment z dodatkiem magii.

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Crafting Unfortgettable  moments

We will tailor make a day full of extraordinary experiences, oustanding views and memorable moments for you and your loved one.

Let us know what you and your partner enjoy doing, what are the adventures and experiences you would like to live through and how you’d like this important moment to be engraved in their memory. All the rest – just leave it to us!

We will help you create a perfect proposal day in Cape Town, by co-planning the Special Places and Moments, making necessary arrangements, taking care of the transportation, bookings and all the small Touches of Magic that we come up with inspired by your dreams and spirit.

What Guests Say

“Once the big day came, the entire day was PERFECT!”

“Words cannot possibly capture the proposal experience that Marius facilitated for my now-fiance and I during our time in Cape Town! We originally booked an exploration of the Cape Peninsula with Marius via AirBnB. I decided that this would be the perfect setting for my proposal – so I reached out to Marius  and he was very quick to respond yes!

He then worked with me to secretly plan my proposal and to execute it – FLAWLESSLY!

We met via Zoom to discuss potential locations and timing of the proposal. He and I brainstormed a few locations. I told her I wanted to propose at sunset, and he explained how he usually ends her tours at Chapman’s Peak.

He showed me several pictures he had gathered at Chapman’s Peak throughout her experiences and showed me the spot that he thought would be appropriate. He also knew the terrain very well, and noted that one location might not be good for a person afraid of heights, so we developed backup plans if my fiance wasn’t comfortable adventuring down that far.

By the end of the Zoom call, we had decided the proposal would take place at sunset at Chapman’s Peak and I was confident that my dream proposal was planned – it was just a matter of time until the moment would arrive!

“The entire day was full of breathtaking moments and adventure, and the proposal moment itself was truly once in a lifetime and out of a fairytale; I am in tears reminiscing as I’m writing this.”

Once the big day came, the entire day was PERFECT!

We traveled along the Cape Peninsula, making stops at Muizenberg Beach, Boulder’s Beach, Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, and ultimately Chapman’s Peak. All of these stops were based on our preferences – Marius asked us our expectations at the beginning of the day, and we proceeded from there (Marius and I secretly knowing that we’d end up at Chapman’s Peak for the proposal!).

Marius’ kind nature and story-telling as we adventured along the Cape Peninsula made for very comfortable and natural conversation. Additionally, Marius drove everywhere, taking the tension of driving in a new setting away from us.

Marius followed behind us or sneaked ahead of us while we were walking and snapped priceless candids for us – pictures that we have hung up in our home! 

He also provided wine and snacks for us at the sunset on Chapman’s Peak, took a time lapse of the proposal, and took pictures of the moment!

It also must be noted that my fiance and I are queer and in an age-gap relationship and Marius was beyond accepting and kind to us – we felt so loved and celebrated and honestly felt like we have made a life-long friend.

The entire day was full of breathtaking moments and adventure, and the proposal moment itself was truly once in a lifetime and out of a fairytale; I am in tears reminiscing as I’m writing this. If you have any hesitations about this experience – take a chance and do it! It is a moment we will remember and cherish forever.”

– Melina & Angie, USA

Przylądek Dobrej Nadzei

To doświadczenie jedyne w swoim rodzaju. Nasze sekretne zakątki i niesamowite punkty widokowe z dala od tłumów pozwolą stworzyć niezwykły dzień pełen wrażeń, który pozostanie w Twojej pamięci na zawsze.

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Tworzymy Wspomnienia

We have a passion for piecing together the most suitable experience for somebody based on their preferences, budget and physical condition. 

Cape Peninsula offers incredible array of experiences, from peaceful walks on magical beaches with wildlife, through smooth sailing, adventure diving or other water sports, to exceptional wine tasting, exquisite fine dining, and much more.

Our flagship adventure in Cape Town includes (but does not end at!) hiking to remarkable cliff lookouts, enjoying picnic on a remote beach and sundowners of your choice at the most dramatic sunset watching points in the Western Cape. The choices are endless. Let us know what you love doing, and we will help you plan the ultimate Cape Town Experience.

Dystanse to pestka!

Powiedz, gdzie chcesz się dostać, a my zajmiemy się resztą. Bez limitu. Jesteśmy przygotowani na wszystko!

Zadowolonych Klientów


Przygód pod namiotami

Wypraw górskich

The Flagship Experience

starting from $397 for 2 guests

Enjoy the hidden gems, incredible spots with most spectacular views. We will stay away from the crowds and create the most unique day that will stay for a long time in your memory.

We will start the day early with a breakfast in one of the best local cafés, visit fish market, talk to the fishermen, have a close encounter with wild seals and a have a lovely walk with the penguins.

Następnie udamy się do Rezerwatu Przylądka Dobrej Nadziei, ciesząc się po drodze wspaniałymi widokami wschodniego wybrzeża przylądkowego. W rezerwacie odwiedzimy kilka przepięknych miejsc widokowych, nie znanych nawet lokalnej ludności - znajdziemy się w pięknej niezakłóconej naturze z dala od tłumów! Dużo łatwiej nam będzie w tem sposób spotkać nieśmiałą zwierzynę przylądkową (Antylopy takie jak Eland lub Bontebok, pawiany, góralek skalny, strusie, i tym podobne.)

Zachód słońca obejrzymy ciesząc się piknikiem na jednej z najpiękniejszych plaż Południowej Afryki - będziemy obserwować koncert fal rozbijających się o skały w słońcu zachodzącym nad Oceanem Atlantyckim.

Please note, this experience is customisable. There are many places, that we can visit within the planned roadmap. 

Dla Ciebie wszystko

Bliskie Spotkania ze Zwierzętami

Bliskie spotkania z dziką zwierzyną w jej naturalnym środowisku, z szacunkiem dla praw natury i zachowań w dziczy.

Unique locations

Find yourself in the Secret Spots that only passionate insider will know about. We are unexhausted seekers of magic in remote wilderness.

Niezapomniane wyprawy

Unique impossible experiences that “Money cannot buy!” fully guaranteed. We stand by our money back guarantee.

Starting from

$397 for 2 guests

Book your Secret Proposal Nature Adventure in Cape Town today and turn that Special Moment into truly memorable experience lived to it’s fullest in joy and ease!