Hi, I’m Irmina

I’m in Love with Adventure that is Life.

I create spaces and experiences that bring the adventurous souls closer to themselves through the mindfulness experiences in Nature: whether it is the challenge on the mountain or mindful time in the wilderness.

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To Promote the Adventure that is life

The moment we follow that narrow path in life, the real magic happens. Many new doors opens, and many new directions appears. It’s then, when we embark on life of adventure. It’s then when we start living fully.

Hi, my name is Irmina,

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I have created this space because I am driven by creating spaces and experiences that facilitate growth and living in full potential and I want to bring more such opportunities to people.

I am a networker – I connect – I facilitate & I collaborate with carefully chosen heart-centred facilitators with whose wisdom I resonate, I feel and strive to amplify for more people to experience heart-awakening adventure-inspiring offerings.

My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible to give voice to their inner Dreamer, their inner Creator, their inner Maker, and start making their lives as they desire. I help them visualise what joyful, fulfilled life could look like, and choose to do what lights them up from the inside. The moment we follow that narrow path in life, the real magic happens. Many new doors opens, and many new directions appears. It’s then, when we embark on life of adventure. It’s then when we start living fully.

If you have experienced that feeling in your life – you know what I’m talking about. You and I are both are Dreamers, Makers, Creators… We both are striving for the better good. We both are making the life up as we go. Wouldn’t you want for more people to access that Dream State?

If you do – Become the promoter of Adventure that is Life with me! 

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I know very well myself how expansive it is to take the step of courage in life and follow one’s dreams. AND how difficult, scary and exhausting it can sometimes be. And how much it is worth it! I left Poland in 2017, when one day, a year earlier, on Scarborough beach in Cape Town, I realised that the life that I dream about is within the reach of my hands. I looked around and I knew that “all it takes” is to say yes to my dreams, then awaken my creativity to figure out the happenings of it, and then bring the ideas into the reality.

All my life, I personally seek to learn about my radical self-expression. I love being a creative being. I love to connect people. I love to inspire people. I thrive when the experiences and spaces I hold bring transformation and grow to people. That’s where my motivation and joy of life thrive the most. 

I have been guiding people on unforgettable nature journeys and unique travel destinations for over 12 years, witnessing how time in nature opens people up and lets them find a moment of mindfulness and introspection. I have a talent for creating experiences that money cant buy: these wordless moments of awe, connection and heartfelt bliss.

I love to encourage people to go beyond their perceived limits with my joyful and genuinely loving presence.
I strive to make my guests feel safe and inspired alike.

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I was born in Poland in 1989 — “a year of change”, I likes to say. An only child, I was brought up by a single mother Maria and grandparents Sabina and Stefan in a small holding on a Mazovian countryside. Rough living conditions (no central heating in a -20C winters in Poland, no bathroom in the house, no private room to wash, sleep or study in) have made me resilient and ultra flexible.

My mother’s choice of city school over the village school has opened up a life of opportunities for me. My mom used say: “I can’t help you with your homework, but I carry your backpack for you”. I was taught how to hitchhike when I was 6 years old, would know how to chop wood, weld and build with wood, plant vegetables, work in the field and with animals, and start a fire from a very young age. My passions were all around exploring nature surroundings and drawing. “Making art was the only moment when you would sit still” — my mother would say.

In my adult life I chose intercultural studies (BA), Ukrainian philology (BA), marketing and business studies, graphic design and advertisement. I then proceeded working in multi-cultural international corporations, to eventually shift towards digital nomad freelance lifestyle, serving entrepreneurs and small businesses in bringing their offering into the world of online business.

When I arrived in South Africa, I got reminded of my deep connection with nature that I always cherished and combined my work as an digital designer and strategist with guiding people on unforgettable nature journeys and unique travel destinations.

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Below you can see the array of projects and collaborations I put my energy into:

This is a multi-day Experience is hosted in the sacred mountains of the Cederberg nested at the Klein Cederberg Private Nature Reserve. At the 16000 ha of unspoiled private land, totally off-grid, with cosy rustic cottages, big beautiful fires and vast nature to immerse into, we can fully and safely dive into the inner self and explore the places of the disconnection: with our own self, with the Nature, with the other and with the World at large.

My co-host Hanna is an incredible Conscious Woman, who carries the wisdom of our deep inter-connectedness with Nature. Her internalised, embodied experience, and life of work with yoga, mindfulness, movement, theatre, music, and pedagogy allows her to beautifully bring participants in touch with themselves and their souls, as well as the Nature, the World and others surrounding them.

It is in Nature that we can facilitate the reconnection to ourselves, our bodies, earth and nature and the remembering of that which we may have forgotten in the midst of fast-paced and full city-work-living. 

When we spend time in and commune with nature, instinctively, something deep inside us resonates, because our being knows that it is a part of this. It recognizes natural environment as being in harmony with who we are and where we come from. 

 Its like coming home.

You get to Remember more of your true nature as you come home to your body, your true being and your heart.

You get to Hear your quiet inner voice deep inside that knows what is needed for next steps so they are aligned with your overall well-being, passion and purpose.

These half-day nature immersions for locals and travelers alike are co-hosted with Hanna, an incredible Conscious Woman, who carries the wisdom of our deep inter-connectedness with Nature. Her internalised, embodied experience, and life of work with yoga, mindfulness, movement, theatre, music, and pedagogy allows her to beautifully bring participants in touch with themselves and their souls, as well as the Nature, the World and others surrounding them. 

Our vision is to take participants on a journey of arriving. At yourself. At Home that is Nature. At Nature that is You. And at the Tribe that you belong to. That is – us – the Humanity itself.

These half-day experiences are a first step to start practicing that nature-awareness. Together with Hanna we also facilitate multi-day retreats where one can explore their disconnection and reconnect even more.  

These multi-day Experiences I co-host with Beata and Ewa of Blisko Siebie Razem (Close to Myself, Together) whose gift is to facilitate and lovingly hold spaces for exploring one’s authentic self. Their offering operates in Poland at the moment, and the Expansion Journeys are 14-days long excursions from Poland to South Africa available for anyone who is ready to challenge themselves, travel 9500km to an unknown continent and find their inner power in their authentic soul expression. 

I co-host the Wilderness Adventures with Anna, a Yoga and Breath Teacher who brings in the spirit of a Traveler into the World’s consciousness. Together, our adventurous souls, drive for exploration outside and inside of oneself, as well as the deep respect and connection with Nature allow us to facilitate the magic one experiences when living in and witnessing the circle of life of true African Safari.

This is our mini-multi-day Experience, that brings people into the wild in the most kind-adventurous way possible 🙂 I co-host it with Wian, whose talent is holding safe and joyful space powerfuly.

We camp in camping tents (not glamping) at the campsite with facilities, we provide all meals, cook for our guests on an open fire, while educating about the flora, fauna and the icredible night sky. We take a hike into the mountains with a day-pack, which allows one to immerse fully in the nature without the hassle of carrying extra weight. It’s a baby step into an adventure in the wild.

These are Half-Day or Full Day Experiences in the mountains and nature areas. I co-host them with Marius, whose talent is bringing the greatest spirit of adventure out to the surface. These experiences take a lot of our time, and we would love to expand the offering, by bringing new talented guides to the Adventure Team, while we focus on multi-day dificult journeys into the true wilderness.

I also collaborate with multiple individuals and businesses co-creating their offerings of healing the connection with the Self and finding the Truest Self-Expression, in making ones’ dreams reality, in business creation and in personal life. Some of the collaborations are:

  • Nowlicious – The Academy of Life Arts
  • ThePrism.Earth – Guides to Luminous Expression
  • Sleep Alchemy by Phillip Cohen – self-care and mental health support

My professional background and expertise include: 

Multi-disciplinary degree in Human Sciences, Social, Cultural and Business Studies, including: Intercultural Studies of Central and Eastern Europe; Visual Communications, Graphic Design and Advertisement, Business and Management; Ukrainian Philology; 

Deep personal interest in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness Studies, Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy; as well as many years of self-development and inner work through Coaching, Psychology and Plant Medicine. 

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Feeling resonance?

If you find my creative energy and Life’s work resonant, I invite you to share your love with me. You buying me a lunch allows me to spend 1 more hour on serving the shift toward unity consciousness and global well-being.

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Download the first chapter of my book here…

The story is flowing out of me on it’s own, so the timing and the final result of this book is yet to be known.I am happy to share my first iteration with you however already now, as even if the final version will look and feel and be very different, this is already a deep and meaningful expression of my soul.

I hope you will find it at the right time in your life. 

With Love and Care, 


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Would you like to work with me directly? 

I offer brand coaching for heart-based business creation and it’s greatest expression through online marketing strategy as well as private custom adventure experiences across Southern Africa. Explore my offerings on my LinkTree. And if you feel inspired to co-create any of my initiatives, please send me a direct message.

Thank you.

With Love, Irmina

Take the first step of courage

I have a passion for piecing together the most suitable experience for somebody based on their preferences, budget and physical condition. I host “once-in-a-lifetime” Airbnb Experiences in Cape Town. 

Southern Africa offers incredible array of experiences, from peaceful walks on magical beaches with wildlife, through smooth sailing, adventure diving or other water sports, to exceptional wine tasting, exquisite fine dining, and much more.

My passion for exploration took me hiking to remarkable cliff lookouts, finding most remote beach and sundowner spots, dramatic sunset watching points, amazing wine & dine experiences, and much more. The choices are endless. Let me know what you love doing, and I will help you plan the ultimate African Soulful Experience.

Crafting Unfortgettable moments

I will facilitate your journey into the Southern African spirit of Wildness. Either through the presence in the mountains, coasts or off-road routes, whatever you feel calling you. The adventure awaits!

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